"Hi, my name is Ying"

"Hi, my name is Ying"

About the #girlboss

I was bullied a fair amount when I was young. It was easy to bully me since I was the only Chinese kid in my small town school (besides my little sis), I was tiny, a little goofy looking, and my family couldn't afford much.

I went through Junior high school with a lack of confidence and self esteem. Terrified to walk through the school hallways, getting ready to hear the comments and sing-songs "Me chinese, Me no dumb..." 

In high school I gained a little bit more confidence as I finally bloomed (was a late bloomer), and started to wear makeup. I began to look 'prettier', and dress 'sexier', but once that happened... the Slut shaming began. 
So, walking down the hallways again, head down, no eye contact.

Fast forward

Dressing sexy, made me feel sexy, which made me feel confident. And when that happens, I kick ass. 

I went through a few phases though to get to where I am now. I became very superficial, then completely forgot who I was without makeup or all that other superficial stuff. I did a complete ego stripping and disappeared from social media, went 2 years without makeup, and went back to college.

I became confident in my true self and inner beauty after my no makeup years. So combine that, with my superficial world... BAM! I can take on the world. This is my Third business (Chocolate, Massage, now Lingerie), I also teach at a college, take drum lessons, do yoga, and exercise... And I read A lot of self-development books.


What I want for you...

I want women to feel sexy and confident, because I noticed that is when they kick ass. 

And I want this to happen without the slut shaming. I want you to embrace your womanhood, your sexuality, your body. Women are powerful when they step into this position, and it can be threatening to others. Stand ground, things are about to change.
You are allowed to feel sexy for yourself, and this doesn't make you an attention whore, or slut, or whatever people want to say. Be sexy for you... Or for whoever you want to be sexy for ;)

Oops! I forgot to talk about Strapped. It is a one woman show :) I sew every piece, all with quality materials. Gold plated rings and satin stretch straps. You can wear them as an accessory... Or take everything off and wear it alone ;)