The Flirt

The Flirt

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Flirt: social and sometimes sexual behaviour or body language, suggesting interest in a deeper relationship, or if done playfully, for amusement.


Coy and playful, this double-collared & banded accessory is double the fun. Risque and sexy, adjustable satin straps tease and tantalize your audience by framing your chest from the collar-bones below.

Plush underside combines comfort with practicality, while gold-plated rings add class.

  • Adjustable straps (Underbust up to 40")
  • Satin stretch straps, plush underside
  • Gold rings & clasps
  • Wear alone as a lingerie or with clothes as an accessory
  • Bra not included
  • Handwash

* If underbust is over 40", no problem. At checkout page, please enter your measurements and we will make you a custom one (please allow 2-3 extra business days)

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